Monday, April 4, 2011

New Blog/ Update!

Hey all!

So its been a while since I have updated and since then I have calmed down and started into my medical clearance process. That being said, I have a new blog!! Its going to be dedicated to all things Peace Corps and I would welcome anyone to come and check it out. Its at:

Moving on from this topic I would like to go into a discussion that I just had with my boss about how Christians conduct themselves in the public eye. I feel like as of late there has been a huge resurgence in the idea that Christians are in charge of changing the minds/ converting every atheist they see on the street. This can be accomplished in one of many ways: waving signs, preaching the end of days, showing pictures of aborted fetuses, chanting songs about how much God hates the world and just generally making a fool out of oneself.

Here is my call to my fellow Christians: stop attempting to change what you view as the negative in the world and start being the positive light in the world that God has called you to be. Instead of holding signs and chanting at people outside of a Planned Parenthood, create a center that can support women that chose to keep their children and that can help them through this often judgmental and difficult challenge ahead.

Instead of yelling at students you don't know and condemning them all to hell (and I would remind you that you have no say in ANYONES eternal salvation but your own) try creating a youth group, or maybe passing out literature that isn't accusatory and hateful. If I were a person that didn't believe in God and was maybe looking for a church or a religion to join, I wouldn't waste my time looking into a group of people that firmly believe in a vengeful, hate filled God. Not only does this paint God in a certain light but it also makes Him very far away from the standard person, and why would anyone pray to a God that they can not know on a personal level?

Try being kind. It is so much easier to reach people when you are kind and through this you will be able to preach the word of God. People close their ears to hatred and violence and screaming, they don't have the time in their day to want to listen to that; but for kindness, of which some seem to be running on short supply, they have a moment for.

So there you go, my thoughts for the day on how the church and Christians as a whole community could improve themselves.

Much Love,
Singing Ginger

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